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        Talent is the most precious wealth of the Shenzhou. The gate of the Shenzhou is open to all the talents, and the standard of choice is whether it has the consciousness of innovation and continuous enterprising spirit. The core of the Shenzhou management model has shifted from the traditional asset management to the knowledge management. The assets, projects, posts and markets of the enterprise are all moving around the talents. At present, the recruitment strategy of Shenzhou is not that talents adapt to the company, but the company actively adapt to talents, thus activating human capital and activating other capital elements. This action mechanism with human capital as the core makes every expansion and fission of Shenzhou Island bring immeasurable capital expansion and benefit growth.
In the state of Shenzhou, whether you are an ordinary clerk or a general technician, (and no matter what post you are in, as long as you have the real ability to learn the real ability, you may become a company reusable talent. Shenzhou always attaches importance to talents for the development of enterprises, and always gives talents a vast sky to spread their wings. The principle of "loving talent, using talent and educating talent" is the principle that Shenzhou scrupulously adheres to. "The energy, the equer and the mediocre" are the competitive mechanism of the Shenzhou. The principle of building the nest and the Phoenix is to keep the people, keep the interests and retain the people. It is a talented person who is bound to come to Shenzhou. The principle of the Shenzhou is "discovering talents, clearing the mediocrity, retaining the talents", the elimination system implemented by the technical developers, eliminating the poor performance personnel every year, replacing the new competitive post candidates, and making the job promotion for the outstanding achievement.
The talent view of Shenzhou is to make every employee a useful person. The decision makers and leaders of Shenzhou never regard themselves as members of the talent group, rather than all the others who are superior to others. To make people feel their value, the corresponding treatment is undoubtedly one of the important criteria. It is such a broad mind that it gives you a space for you to play until you find your talents are not enough.
Friend, Shenzhou is a stage for you to show your talent.